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Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

“ As a company,  R&B Engineering is committed to protecting and sustaining the environment through the way we work and the way we do business.


We constantly seek to reduce our footprint, ensuring our products and services have minimal impact on the environment and that we maintain a high degree of ethical sourcing and trading. Our company aims to maximise the participation of local businesses within our supply chain and to provide employment of local services and skilled labour wherever possible, to decrease vehicle journeys and reduce the impact of carbon emissions. 


We offer ethical and green supply options by utilising the R&B procurement team to source items we either require ourselves, or for supplying to our customers, from as near to the delivery location as possible. Our extensive network of nationwide supply chain partners allows us to reduce the environmental impact of the retail and supply side of our business.

We are continually monitoring and developing ways to create a positive impact on the environments, economies and lives of local communities where we operate. “


Craig Paine

Operational Administrator

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Environmental Projects

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Local Community

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